Thursday, February 25, 2016

Plenary Session - Atrial Fibrillation

Chairs: Marc Samama, France
   Edip Gurol,

  • Synthesis of global ESC & ERHA guidelines - John CammUK​​​
  • Who not to anticoagulated - John Camm, UK​​
  • Addition of aspirin to OAC in stroke patients -Edip Gurol, USA​
  • Addition of aspirin to OAC in stented patients ​- Freek Verheugt, The Netherlands
15:00 - 15:30Coffee Break, Exhibition & Poster Viewing

Plenary Session - Atrial Fibrillation: alternatives to OACs

​               Chairs: Marc Fisher, USA
                           Freek Verheugt, The Netherlands

  • Preventing and managing intracranial hemorrhage while on antithromboltics (risk assessment, antidote, management) - Thorsten Steiner, Germany
  • Is left atrial appendage closure an alternative to anticoagulation? - Thorsten Lewalter, Germany
  • Does ablation prevent stroke - Gerhard Hindricks, Germany
17:00 - 18:00
Scientific Collaboration Educational Session
Chairs: Natan Bornstein, Israel
                  Dafin MuresanuRomania​
  • Sex is all in the brain: sex differences in brain recovery from ischemia and development of dementia​ - Natan Bornstein, Israel
  • Cerebrolysin and Recovery after Stroke (CARS): A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Multicenter Trial​ - Dafin Muresanu, Romania​
  • Local hemostasis abnormalities in the atrium and peripheral blood of AF patients - László Csiba, Hungary
18:00- 18:30
Keynote Lecture 
Chairs: Pierre Amarenco, France
        Natan Bornstein, Israel
New management of acute stroke – re endovascular therapy - Antony Davalos, Spain
18:30Opening Ceremony followed by a Networking Welcome Reception 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Plenary Session - Atrial Fibrillation

Chairs: Rafael Rosso, Israel
                      Ovidiu Bajenaru, Romania

  • Overview of new antidotes - Marc Samama, France
  • Long-term cardiac monitoring & cardiac work-up in stroke - Marc Fisher, USA
  • Should we anticoagulate all transient AF after stroke/TIA? - Laurent Fauchier, France
10:30-11:00Coffee Break, Exhibition & Poster Viewing

Plenary Session - When heart hits the brain

Chairs: Louis Caplan, USA 

  • Stroke post TAVI - Rafael Rosso, Israel
  • Stroke post CABG - Dan Longrois, France 
  • Stroke post PCI - Andrej BudajPoland
  • Stroke post Ablation - Rafael Rosso, Israel
12:30-14:00Lunch Break, Exhibition & Poster Viewing
Company Sponsored Session with lunch
Not included in the CME/CPD Programme​
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Keynote Lecture
Chairs: Gabriel Steg, France
     John Camm, UK
Stroke and bleeding risk stratification in AF from guideline to clinical practice - Freek Verheugt, The Netherlands

Plenary Session – Heart & Brain and drug or drug-drug interaction

ChairsMatthias Endres, Germany
Marc Fisher, USA 

  • Paracetamol/ibuprofen, MI and brain infarction provocative overview - Jaime Gonzales, France
  • Dual antiplatelet therapy in MI and brain infarction - Gregory Ducrocq, France
  • Microbleeds and use of antithrombitc agents: Is the ICH risk increased? - Edip Gurol, USA
16:00-16:30Coffee Break, Exhibition & Poster Viewing

Plenary Session - New players to tackle dyslipidemia in heart & brain diseases

Chairs: Gregory Ducrocq, France
  David Tanne, Israel

  • PCSK9-, CETP-, PPARs+ overview - Gabriel Steg, France​
  • Other new approaches to dyslipidemia –  Michel Farnier, France​
  • LDL target vs percent reduction in stroke prevention? - Pierre Amarenco, France
18:00Networking Reception

​Saturday, February 27, 2016

Plenary Session - Stroke for the "dummies" 1

Chairs: László CsibaHungary
              Michael BraininAustria

  • Carotid artery stenosis and stroke/TIA - Lou Caplan, USA​
  • PFO management - Heinrich Mattle, Switzerland
  • Troponin elevation in stroke/TIA patients -Mathias Endres, Germany​
10:30-11:00Coffee Break, Exhibition & Poster Viewing

Plenary Session - Stroke for the "dummies" 2

Chairs: Heinrich Mattle, Switzerland
        Dafin Muresanu, Romania

  • Asymptomatic carotid stenosis - Natan Bornstein, Israel​
  • How to manage a patient with TIA in the first three months - Francisco Purroy, Spain
  • Up-date on secondary stroke prevention - ​David Tanne, Israel​
  • Acute phase management : what Is best not to do (re BP, anticoagulation, etc..) ​- Michael Brainin, Austria
12:30-12:45Closing Ceremony

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